Why should you chose to book with Collectif Canyon?

There are more and more companies providing canyoning services. Today, it’s hard to make a choice. Collectif Canyon is not a booking center. We are specialists and specialized in canyoning. When you call us, you will talk to one of the three guides. You’ll chose the most suitable canyon with him, a place and a time to meet. You’ll be able to ask any question that goes through your mind concerning the activity. The three guides of Collectif Canyon are all local guides, not someone who come around Nice only in summer because of the touristic potential of the area. We all live in Nice or around. We like to take time with our customers. Our main goal is not to finish the job the faster we can ! We want to give you a nice trip. We will always ask you if you want to jump or slide again when it’s possible and we’ll take time to talk to you during the canyon. We begin every descent with a briefing for you to know what to do a not to do. If we are not able to answer your request, we will direct you toward one of our colleague who shares the same vision of the service.

First of all, what is canyoning?

Canyoning means going down a more or less narrow river. Don’t expect a boat, we will walk and swim. The main appeal is going down the waterfalls meet, jumping, sliding or abseiling.

What should I bring?

Sport shoes to walk in the river are essential. Don’t use open, too flexible shoes or mountaineering shoes (too heavy). An old pair of shoes will do the job but don’t worry, canyoning won’t spoil a nice new pair and will even clean it. Think about taking another pair in the car if you don’t want to keep your feet soaked the rest of the day.

A swimsuit.

Don’t forget a snack for full day trips (sandwich, water…) Nothing fragile like fruits.

What equipment does Collectif Canyon provide?

We provide all the security equipement : helmets, harnesses, belay devices, ropes, etc… And of course the neoprene wetsuits and soaks.

We also provide special backpacks and waterproof tanks for the food, the first aid kit and the phone to call the emergency.

Where and how do we meet ?

You will discuss this directly with your guide. We usually meet near the canyon. We will send you an email when everything is settled.

How do we deal with the vehicles?

Sometimes, we’ll have to leave a vehicle near the end of the canyon and use another one to go to the beginning. At the end of the trip, we’ll use the first vehicle to go fetch the other one.

How do I pay?

You can pay cash, or with a check (french, of course). No credit card allowed.

Do we have to walk?

Usually, we have to walk to go to the beginning of the canyon (approach), and to go back to the car. It depends on the canyon you chose.

I’m really not into sport and/or I’m scared of heights ! Can I come anyway?

Yes, of course! You can chose a canyon suitable for beginners, requiring a little physical condition without high waterfalls. Don’t forget to mention your worries when you book. The guide will always be there to reassure you and give you good advices. Anyway, we’ll always keep pace with the slowest of the group.

I’m scared of jumping, do I have to?

Of course not! We will never force you to jump. There is always a way to avoid jumping, often by abseiling down the waterfall. It’s possible to go down a canyon without jumping at all. If you’re scared, we will give you the necessary time to concentrate, but you will never have to jump if you don’t feel it.

What king of food do I have to bring?

We carry food inside waterproof tanks and backpacks. It will be shaken all the way down. Try to avoid anything that is fragile or crushable. Sandwiches and cereal bars will do.

I have glasses, how do I do?

Glasses, although not convenient, can be tidied inside the wetsuit while jumping or sliding. They’re safe there.

What are the risks in this activity?

We won’t lie to you, risks are true. The guide will be there to keep you safe concerning the biggest dangers : water flood, underwater rocks… He knows perfectly the canyon but he can’t prevent you from a bad slide. You will have to be careful while walking. If necessary, the guide will call emergency who usually send a helicopter to take the victim.

I have a waterproof camera/GoPro, can I bring it?

Yes, you can, but it stays under your responsibility if you break it or lose it. We usually take a camera on our own and take pictures/videos for you.

The weather is bad, what’s the risk?

Our main goal is to keep the group safe. We won’t hesitate to cancel or postpone a trip if we think it might be dangerous. If we are caught in a storm during the trip, there are usually ways to take shelter inside the canyon. Don’t panic ! Flood are real and can be dangerous but flash flood is very rare and occur in very peculiar conditions.

I’m six years old, can I do it?

Some canyons à suitable for children, not all of them ! There is no age limit for the activity, the most important is to know how to swim. The main problem with children is the coldness. We usually don’t take children under eight years old but it’s not a rule. Warn us when you book if there are children in your group, we’ll discuss together about your choices.


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